Family Owned and Operated Since 1927
(Formerly known as Parkview Monument Works
located at 1324 Weber Rd. in Farmington)
Member of Monument Builders of North America and
Mid-America Monument Builders Association.
We realize that you, like most of the families we serve, may be unfamiliar with the many
aspects of selecting a memorial. Certainly you do not want to be rushed or pressured
into a premature or hasty decision without careful evaluation and perhaps consultation
with other members of the family. A funeral comes quickly and is gone. However, a
monument is a lasting tribute.

To properly select a memorial, we recommend guidance of a professional memorialist
who will spend as much time as necessary explaining the many choices that are available
to you. Each memorial has a special definition which conveys somethng meaningful
about a person, their life and the sentiments we hold for that person.

We would like to provide you with a few questions to consider in selecting the right
monument builder/memorialist for you:
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5425 Hwy 32 East
Farmington, MO 63640
* How much knowledge and experience does the memorialst have?

* Is the memorial properly set to withistand the test of time?

* Will the memorialist work with you in personalizing your memeorial?
Parkland Monument Co. is committed to providing you with the best possible products,
variety of selection and outstanding service. Please call us to discuss your needs.
Variety of other
products also available.
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Note: Stone colors will likely vary from those displayed due to natural variations of mineral content.